Wound Care Collaborative Community Initiatives

  1. Accelerate development of science-based solutions to improve approval & access to effective, high-quality wound care, assuring timely access for patients and supporting coverage /payment when prescribed.
  2. Evaluate essential components of effective clinical and pre-clinical evidence that is meaningful to patients when evaluating outcomes of treatments, including drugs, diagnostics and devices. This would include innovative approaches in utilizing inpatient and outpatient clinical health records and clinical trial data for allowing effective and innovative treatments quicker access to market.
  3. Develop standards for clinical and scientific evidence in the wound healing community. Growing access to diverse ‘real-world’ data sources is enabling new approaches to close persistent evidence gaps about the optimal use of medical products in real-world practice in many areas of medicine.
  4. Develop a consolidated understanding of what constitutes high-quality wound care, being mindful and inclusive of many settings of care (rural, urban, inpatient, long term, rehabilitation, etc.). Develop educational opportunities to improve patients’ understanding of what best available wound care should look like in order to improve more timely and appropriate care.
  5. Evaluate validated tools of measurement that can be incorporated into clinical trials in order to improve the standards of relevant clinical outcomes and patient centered endpoints.