Work Groups

Work Groups

Work Groups address key initiatives identified in the wound care community that aim to improve patient access to cutting-edge medical technology while reducing cost and time to market.

Current Work Groups Include the following below:

Gaps Work Group

Chair: Howard Walthall, JD
Co-Chair: Randy Schwartz, BA
Officer Liaison: Vickie Driver, DPM, MS, FACFAS

Goal: Identification of gaps in current wound healing versus the desired pace of innovating advanced diagnostics and treatments for patients, including regulatory, clinical trials, clinical practice, and pre-clinical. Sub-Work Groups include Clinical Trial Design, Dressing Standards, and Pre-Clinical.

Real World Evidence Work Group

Chair: Joseph Rolley, MS
Co-Chairs: Caroline Fife, MD and John Lantis, MD
Officer Liaison: Lisa Gould, MD, PhD

Goal: Development of a standardized approach to use real world data in wound research and the role it plays in FDA approvals and public and commercial payer coverage decisions.

Tools Work Group

Chair: Oscar Alvarez, PhD
Co-Chairs: Tod Brindle, PhD and Robert Snyder, DPM, MBA
Officer Liaison: Peggy Dotson, RN, BS

Goal: Identification of validated tools and methods for measuring meaningful clinical endpoints in wound research to develop a Core Outcome Set.